Putting in effort is love.


True love or not, you still need to put in effort to let the love continue to flourish.

If you don’t put in effort in maintaining the love, adding essential nutrients for the love, it will never grow well, grow the right way and eventually it will die off.

Just like a flower, or the easiest to grow cactus. It still need the essentials like a little of water, sunlight, soil & a little of care to make sure it continues growing.

Same goes for love. Effort on my part means you at least tries to understand your partner, trying to allocate time for each other during your busy period. Simple things count.

Just add a little more sunlight, care, concern, fertiliser & water to let you love grows well. 🙂

P.S.: Thank you for your love, to make me know alittle more on what’s love. You have to experience it to understand it a little more.


What do you think about it?

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