Eeyore Greeting Card


Howdy how!

Want to get your friend a greeting card but feels too mainstream?

Want something alittle more?

Here I’ve made a Eeyore “box” card, where the body or rather head of eeyore is the “envelope” for the series of greeting card (his legs), with tails rotatable. (Made it for my friend’s friend birthday)

It’s kinda cool isn’t it?

eeyore_box1-01 eeyore_legs-01

So here, I’ve delete away all the text, so that you can just place in text of your own.

Additional Eeyore’s head and tail is for you to play around.

The dots on the box and the tail(s) are for holes, poke a hole and place in “two leg” pin.

Put in the message, slice up your cards, paste them together, buckle up and your greeting card is ready!

Anyway you can download the image, it’s the printable version.

Enjoy! Hope your friend love it. 🙂


What do you think about it?

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